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Setting Up a Workshop in a Small Space

There are many people, especially guys, who dream of setting up their own workshop at home within their garage or shed. However, there’s always a number of issues that generally come up which usually involve limited space where a workshop could actually be set up, and the always familiar lack of funds that seems to constantly get in the way.

Although, if you really think about it, the question is if you actually need a large space at all. I know, some guys can’t do without the whole man cave experience and desperately require the entire garage as their workshop. This might be the answer for a few select individuals, but for the majority of woodworking enthusiasts, more space may not be the answer.

In fact, you can utilize and set-up a fully workable and completely functioning workshop with something as small as an 8 ft. x 8 ft. area.

On top of that, it won’t cost you thousands of dollars to get it all organized. Featured woodworker and expert Ralph Chapman has created the perfect guide for those enthusiasts who desire their own workshop, but are limited on available space and money. It’s a complete guide that lays out all the different angles and possibilities for setting up a small workshop with everything you’ll need, and at a tiny fraction of what other contractors or enthusiasts would pay for their workshop. Believe it or not, you’ll be able to set-up your own workshop for under $1,000.

Don’t have the space?

Don’t have the money?

And, don’t have the right tools?

One of most common setbacks or challenges that beginning and experienced woodworkers face is selecting the right tools and available space. Many first-time wood-workers do not understand the cost to set-up a functioning shop, how much of an area to work in, the experience to find quality tools and materials even with a limited amount of money, not to mention all the added things that might be needed. Chapman addresses all these issues plus more in his new and complete guide to creating and building small workshops.

What’s it all about, but more importantly, who is this for?

small shopIf you plan on becoming a woodworker, whether professionally or as a hobby, you’ll need some kind of shop and an area for keeping materials, lumber, and a number of tools. For many people, even the thought of setting up a workshop sounds too expensive. Besides that, many woodworkers tend to think that larger more open space is required. Fortunately, that’s not always true. Remember, an area around 8 ft. x 8 ft. can easily work and still provide adequate space to function properly. And don’t forget, Chapman lays out all the details so you can get everything you need for your workshop for under $1,000.

The key is knowing how to maximize the space you have available and selecting the necessary tools that you will need. It’s a step-by-step process and the guide will walk you through each phase of setting everything up.

Chapman’s guide is literally dedicated to showing enthusiasts how to build small complete workshops on a budget. There are also more comprehensive guides that cover even more factors that you’ll need to think about in order to set-up a proper workshop. This includes covering the most basic steps to the most crucial details involved. Also, something even more critical is the available insights into tool selection which includes the best places to buy them from and at the lowest price available.

If you’re a woodworker who’s wondering: How much money it will take to set-up my workshop? Do I have enough space for a complete workshop? Where can I get quality tools? What’s the least amount of woodworking tools that I’ll need? What crucial factors should I consider for setting up a woodworking workshop? Then the Small Shop guides were created especially for you.

As a side note, most of the guides and information was primarily geared to assist beginners that are setting up their own workshop for the first time. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of insights that can be extremely helpful for even the most experienced woodworkers out there, and even for those enthusiasts who already have some type of shop set-up.

It provides countless tips on optimizing and utilizing workspace, improving overall efficiency with regards to selecting tools and various machine placements.

Why you really need to check this out

In reality, setting up a woodworking workshop should not be a problem or even challenging for most people. Yet, there’s still the understanding and knowing how to do it exactly right, what’s required, and what shouldn’t be done, as it could easily end up costing more than you think. As an example, when it’s time to purchase certain tools, many beginner woodworkers really don’t understand what they need. They generally end up purchasing low-end quality tools or even worse, they purchase over-priced tools that are really not required.

And since we’re talking about tools, guess what? Many of those big box outlets such as Lowe’s and Home Depot along with online retailer Amazon promise they have the best prices around. Sad to say, they’re not always the best choice when shopping for quality woodworking tools at affordable prices. Chapman provides you with list of the best and most important tools that you will need and where you can purchase them at discounted prices.

Also, if you’re unsure whether a small space will be adequate room for your workshop, Chapman’s Small Shop guide comes complete with detailed floor plans with a variety of workshop layouts in small spaces. Perfect for helping you create the ideal workshop.

What can you expect in the small shop guide?

The guide provides 6 different modules that give you complete insight into:

Selecting the Right Tools

The best way to determine exactly which tools you need for your woodworking hobby before you start buying anything. This will help so you’ll never drop your hard-earned money on a tool that just ends up sitting in a box or hanging on a wall never to be used.

Hand-tool only shopping list if your budget is under $500 (or if you just want to use hand-tools only) and direct links to buy them for the best price. (pg 41)

Power tool and hand-tool shopping list if your budget is under $1,000… and direct links to buy them for the best price. (pg 42)

and so much more…

Selecting Space

Every possible types of home workshop spaces with complete variations and solutions… and the pros and cons of each

Grab ideas and layouts for all possible sizes of workshops, from big to small including setting up a woodworking shop in your apartment, spaces in your home, basement, attic, garage, or shed

One area or space that is the ideal spot for a small workshop… but from feedback… very few ever consider it

and the list goes on

Layout of Shops

Plan and design your workshop to settle perfectly in whatever space you might have available… without having to give up the tools and machines you really need.

Ideal shop layouts for areas that are 10 ft x 10 ft and under

What is called the “doorway trick” … using this technique along with an ideal layout design can make a small space work like a larger one! (pg 29)

You’ll receive detailed floor plans and space-saving layout recommendations for your workshop. It includes machine placement and dividing your work space effectively for different woodworking tasks

Plus, so much more…

Electricity, Lighting and Sound Proofing

You’ll learn the ins and outs of lighting and electricity for your workshop, including cost and layout

The cheap circuit type that can power almost anything… without ever risking a blown breaker. (pg 89)

How to lower all sound that escapes from your workshop by as much as 70% for under $500.

and the list goes on…

Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & Dust

The $3 trick that ensures you have clean air even without inside-to-outside ventilation (which can make your workspace either hot or cold). This trick might even be healthier than having fans in your windows. (pg 111)

The EXACT model of shop vac that is the best performer for its price… a great value!

Why “cheap” heaters are not the way to go if you want to save money. And what to do instead.

The best types of heaters for shops that are well insulated and those that are not well insulted.

plus, more…

Workshop Safety & More

The one type of shop fire that gives you a 50/50 chance of losing your home. Learn about it on pg 121

Two tricks to avoid tripping over cables.

90% of workshop fires can be prevented by doing this one post-work habit which you’ll discover on page 91

The 10-item checklist for shop safety.

the list goes on…

If you are looking to build a workshop on a budget but don’t know where to begin, click the banner below and find out how you will set up your ultimate small workshop today.

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