Dangers of Belly Fat and What You Should Look For


Everyone knows that stomach fat is ugly. But most people don’t know that it’s dangerous as well. It can definitely have negative long-term health effects if you aren’t careful.

Obesity raises your risks of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and many other health problems. Believe it or not, while having general body fat is bad for you, stomach flab is particularly harmful.

If you have belly fat, you may be struggling to get rid of it. This is a very stubborn subcutaneous fat and you need proven methods to burn it off. It can be done, but you need to follow the correct plan.

There are 2 kinds of fat:

Subcutaneous Fat

This is located right below the skin but above the surface of the abs. It’s the less dangerous of the two.

Visceral Fat

This is the more harmful variety. It’s even further down in the abs under the tissue. It completely engulfs the body organs and actually pushes the abs outward. This is the type of fat that overweight people have.

So how do you get rid of belly fat?

Fortunately, it’s not as hard as you might think. It’s just a matter of making a commitment to changing your diet and exercise habits. Use the methods shown in 1 Hour Belly Blast to accelerate your belly fat loss.

Eating a variety of whole foods and incorporating exercise 3 to 5 times a week into your schedule is a great start.

What are the best exercises?

Resistance training and core exercises are very effective because they target the correct muscles. Not only are they important for strengthening the midsection, but also for strengthening the back. There will be lean muscle gain which leads to more calorie burning in the body.

In fact, improving your core section will help your entire body get powerful. Which core exercises are the best? Here are two of the top ones:

The Plank

For this one you need to lie facing the floor. Then just boost yourself up using your toes and forearms as support. Make sure to relax your elbows while doing so.

Also be careful not to bend your back, but keep it perfectly straight. This exercise targets the abs, but is also effective for strengthening the back and hips.


This is another very effective way to strengthen your core. Start out lying down, keeping both legs side by side without space in between. Do not bend them.

Then just extend your arms out and upwards, while maintaining a still midsection. Do the same with your legs.

You will look a little like superman, which is obviously where the exercise got its’ name. Try to maintain this for half a minute.

The bottom line: there are many more core workouts you can try, but these are a few to start with. The real key is to be consistent with them. Perform them at least 3-5 times a week and you will see fast progress.

Foods that Battle the Tummy Bulge

Belly-Blast-Diet-PlanWhat are the best foods to eat to burn fat? There are a number that work. Obviously everyone knows that exercising is important, but diet is just as important. Here are three rules you should follow:

1. Eat frequently

This might be the most important point of all. Many find that eating 4-6 times a day speeds up the metabolism, which is critical for dropping fat. Aim for smaller meals throughout the day rather than two or three large meals.

2. Eat carbs, protein and fat at each meal

This is very important, because your body needs all three nutrients to survive. Without any of them you simply won’t lose the fat you want. But not all nutrients are equal.

The protein, carbs and fat you get from processed foods is far inferior to the nutrients you get from whole foods. In general, try and get the vast majority of your nutrition from whole foods.

So, what are the best whole foods? Here are six of the top:


This makes for an excellent breakfast because it’s filling and has plenty of healthy carbs. But avoid anything that’s been processed or sweetened. If you want more flavor, consider adding strawberries or blueberries on top.


These are incredibly healthy sources of fat. Most people are dead set against this macronutrient, but you need a certain amount of fat in your diet to survive. Nuts are also rich in protein.

Avoid nuts that have salt added to them. Plain raw nuts are best. Try and soak them at least an hour before eating for best digestion.

Fruits and vegetables

Vegetables are one of the best fat burners there is. Eating a wide variety of fruit and vegetables is recommended for optimal fat loss.


Beans have low amounts of calories, plenty of protein and are very filling. In other words, they are ideal for fat loss. But again, make sure they haven’t been processed.

In conclusion, combining natural whole foods with a sound exercise routine is the best way to burn fat extremely fast. Get started today, stay focused, and you should see serious results in 1-3 months.

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