Hello and welcome to the Simple Review Site. There’s really not a whole lot of explanation needed here, especially since this is just an ordinary and basic product review site. However, it is worth noting that unlike many other review sites, our review site does not include products that are below 4 (four) Stars.


There are thousands upon thousands of products and services available online today. And while many of them may be acceptable, of decent quality, and worth their purchase price, they just don’t qualify to be placed here. We wanted to make things easy, uncluttered and professional looking. We also wanted to avoid a site that is filled with hundreds of worthless reviews.

So, to streamline things and make it easier for you (and for us as well) we decided to add products and services we know are reliable and have steadily built a solid reputation in the marketplace with an added social connection.

For now, have a look at the reviews and try to make a decision based on your own personal research.

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